About Us

Our mission at Oboe Tools is to create high quality, precision reed-making equipment that is user-friendly, easy to manipulate, and affordable. Our first project has been to produce adjustable planing boards, in answer to the many complaints from oboe players trying to prepare cane to the right measurements for their respective gougers and shaper tips.

Our intention is to continue to expand our product line with more tools to make reed-making faster, easier, and more economical. If you are interested in receiving updates on our current and future projects, please email us at oboetools@gmail.com.

Oboe Tools was co-founded by Oboist Gwendolyn Buttemer and Violist/Inventor Evan Buttemer, who work in collaboration to design oboe reed-making tools that are innovative and easy to use. Evan and Gwen are siblings who hail from Victoria, British Columbia, Canada.




Gwen Buttemer

Evan Buttemer