Shaper Tips

CAM00316The Oboe Tools adjustable shaper tip (patent pending) is our newest invention. The tip can be altered in minute increments and is therefore perfect for facilitating changes in reed style due to varying climates, different instruments, or varied playing styles. Our shaper tips are the ideal tool for anyone interested in experimentation, and are especially beneficial for students who have not yet found their prefered shape. Owning one Oboe Tools shaper tip is like owning an entire collection!

The simple, easy-to-use screw and nut mechanism on the ears adjusts the width of the tip and locks it in place before shaping. The mechanism can be unlocked, adjusted, and relocked an infinite number of times, and a notch on the screw allows you to easily record adjustment settings and return to a previous adjustment.

The neutral position of the shaper tip has a tip width of 7.15mm and can be adjusted both inwards and outwards to yield tip widths ranging from 6.40mm to 7.75mm.


Click here to purchase an adjustable shaper tipcropped338shaper on handle

Canadian customers: The Oboe Tools adjustable shaper tip can be purchased through our Canadian supplier, James Mason.